Server hostname

Hostname (or domain name) of a server is it's identification used on a network. Users use this name to connect to the server. We request your server hostname as seen in the address users use to access Qlik Sense.

How to determine my Qlik Sense server hostname?

Host name in address bar of the browser
  1. Open your Qlik Sense Hub
  2. Click into the address bar of the browser. There will be an adress such as:
  3. The bold part of the address is your server hostname

Your server can be known under multiple names, i.e. internal network and public internet name. For trial license, you can enter two hostnames.


Internal users use internal address https://srv0001/hub to access Qlik Sense. The same server is accessible from the internet on Then request trial for two hostnames: srv0001 and

Note: You can not use hostname localhost or for trial licenses.

What if I use IP address to connect to my server?

It is not recommended to use IP address to connect to Qlik Sense server as it is not possible to issue a valid SSL certificate for an IP address. However you can still request trial licenses for that IP address.


Users use address to access Qlik Sense. Then request your trial for

I am Qlik Sense SaaS (Qlik Cloud) user

The same as above applies to SaaS users - your hostname is your Qlik Sense cloud domain.


Users use address to access Qlik Sense. Then request your trial for

Why do you need my server hostname?

The trial license is bound to you by using server hostname as unique identification of where it will be installed. The trial license will be valid only on the server with matching hostname.